Blend Style And Utility With These 8 Must-have Bags In Your Closet

Woman Carrying Bag

To complete one’s outfit perfectly, one needs to have an impeccably coordinated bag. A bag is every woman’s best friend, and not just an accessory. A bag often extends a woman’s personality and reflects her personal style. Whether you want to carry everyday essentials or make a fashion statement, a befitting bag is a must-have. For a well-rounded wardrobe, bags of varied color, shapes, sizes are a necessity. From designer bags to high street fashion there is an abundance of choices when it comes to  choosing a bag. One can have a bag for all occasions, literally. In the plethora of availability of handbags, it helps to know the basics. Let us cruise through some types of bags which are essential for every woman no matter what the trend is.

Tote Bag -- This is a bag which is for everyday use and can carry almost all of the daily essentials a woman needs on the go. Totes are the popular choice and come in a variety of patterns and shapes. Work tote, grocery tote, picnic tote, travel tote, diaper tote, travel totes etc.. Pick one which suits you the best.

Clutch -- It is an envelope shaped bag which has a flap lock. A basic clutch comes without a handle or straps. Some even come with detachable straps. Clutches can be used for a day outing, an evening occasion, or the gorgeous metal box ones.

Shoulder Bag -- The distinction between a shoulder bag and a tote is the strap. A tote bag has two straps while a shoulder bag, as the name suggests hangs from the shoulder. Adding to its versatility, these bags often come with handles if one wishes to not use the shoulder strap. Carry it on your shoulder, or as a handbag, choice is yours!

Cross-body Bag or Sling Bag -- A cross-body or a sling, as it is popularly known, has a long strap and is worn across the shoulder and hangs on the side. This keeps the user hands-free and hence is easy to wear. There is the classic cross-body bag, designer cross-body bag, sling back-pack, messenger bags, satchels etc..

Duffel Bag -- It is a large spacious bag which is used to pack for trips or for a weekend getaway. It has a top closure. There are many types of duffel bags which are a hit with travelers. A round, a square, a wheeled duffel bag are such examples.

Hobo Bag -- A very stylish one, hobo bags are crescent shaped slouchy bags with a strap worn over the shoulder. The sleek half-moon shape renders it a distinct look, and the ample space inside makes it perfect to carry it to your workplace, lunch dates or shopping.

Laptop Bag -- An absolute need of the hour, these are specifically designed to store laptops along with its accessories. It is slightly bigger than a laptop and prevents bumps or scratches. A laptop back-pack, laptop sling bags, laptop sleeves are some of the varieties that are usually available .

Bucket Bag -- Literally resembling a bucket, it is a roomy bag which incorporates draw strings. They are often made of leather, straw, fabric or vegan leather and genuinely boosts one’s style quotient.

A beautiful and functional bag can make or break your look and style. There are no certain numbers when it comes to owning and collecting bags. Some of these bags are staple and have a distinct aesthetic feel. Carry a bag that speaks of your personality and completes your outfit with panache. The perfect bag is out there waiting for you, so happy hunting.  

How many do you own currently? And which are the ones that are absolutely essential for you? Let us know in the comment section below.

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