Earth Day- Are we doing our part?

Earth Day


April 22nd is Earth Day. It comes and goes every year. We share social media posts, talk about it for 30 seconds, lament about the state of affairs and move on. Millions of lives have been affected by climate change, pollution, deforestation, unethical business practices, and the general selfishness of mankind. 

As brands grow, increase production, and add more and more products to their offerings, sustainability, ethics, and being kind to the environment take a back seat. We are causing severe and irreversible damage to the ecosystem and we have to stop now.

How can we do this?

  1. Buy from brands that care about the environment, not just talk about it: There is a big difference between a brand spending millions in marketing budgets making ads and videos saying they care about the earth and those that actually work on removing toxic materials from their products, replacing them with renewable and reusable ingredients and contents. 
  2. Buy for needs, not wants: We want things, but do we actually need them? Overconsumption has become a massive issue. It does not just put a strain on resources, but also causes companies to cut corners while increasing production, thus affecting the environment. Add to this, waste created from buying and throwing away things we don’t need, added to an extremely inefficient recycling process. 
  3. Lack of knowledge: Misinformation is far more dangerous than a lack of information. We need to learn and understand the impact we have on the environment and how we can help reduce it. Every single change we make has a direct impact on the environment. 

Sustainability is a serious issue in the fashion industry. Though there are many creators who have come forward and addressed this wholeheartedly, the change has been painfully slow. We need to end the use of non-biodegradable components in clothing, use easily recyclable materials and so on. Using ethically sourced fibres, colours and components help build sustainable businesses that work with local artisans and creators. 

At The Flaire Shop, we make it a point to use environment-friendly materials, and ensure that our products are easy on the earth so that we leave a better one for the generations that will come.

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