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How do you make fashion accessories that are beautiful, modern and can be used everyday? We had the ideas, the structure, the process and the need to make it happen, but, it had to wait a considerable time before it was born. The year was devastating. Struck by a 'very-potent' virus, the world had come to a standstill. Fashion, obviously, was a far cry. While the 'old normal' isn't back yet to its usual being, life has somewhat resumed embracing the 'new normal.' What was ideated over a year ago, had to be drawn again.

Fashion for everyone

 But, the core did not change. Nor changed our desires. The use of fabric was and remained the essence of all our designs. Gloom and despair gave way to hues and shades. Marking a new beginning. And a whole new world. Welcome to The Flaire Shop! 

The Flaire Shop Promise 

All our products, from the daily use handbags to the ssleek laptop sleeves, are made from genuine materials that are sourced ethically, and stitched together by expert artisans. We did the ground work, even though the situation was not favourable for travel. But, life finds a way and we made it happen. 

As we move ahead towards producing fashion accessories that are classy, modern and make you look good, we promise to deliver the very best.

 Here's to the future and thank you for choosing us!  

Team The Flaire Shop 

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