What to Look for in a Handbag

Vegan Leather Handbag


A handbag- The name suggests what it does, carry what you would in your hand, in a bag. Its use is simple but it has had such an impact on fashion, glamour, and style statements for decades. A good handbag is not just a utility accessory, it’s a companion. A true friend that’s with you all the time and so, it needs to be durable and fashionable too! 

What does a good handbag do for you?

A good handbag is designed to be easy to use and stylish. These are the three basic prerequisites anyone will and should consider while looking for a handbag. It becomes a part of your lifestyle, an extension of your hand, and something you can rely on. A good handbag can take the rigors of everyday life and make you look good while doing it! Imagine a scenario. You’re meeting the girls at the local club for brunch. You turn up. You see them seated at the 5 seater table and they beckon you to join them. You walk up, place your handbag on the table and take a seat. All eyes are on the handbag. It becomes the topic of discussion. Now that is in essence, a classic style statement, you’ve arrived! 

What makes a handbag good?

Here are a few things that make a handbag good: A variety of materials are used to make a handbag these days. From genuine leather to fabric and everything in between. Now choosing one is what makes all the difference. Each type of material has its own strengths and weaknesses. Choose one that goes with your lifestyle, the places you hang out, and one that benefits your needs. Pay close attention to the zips, buttons, and pockets because they are the ones used more and need to be strong and made of durable materials. Also, the handles need to be attached to the bag with strong material so that a little extra weight does not bother it. Fabric handbags come in multiple colors and patterns, are cheaper on the pocket, and can be as durable as other more popular materials. 

The number of compartments within a handbag too make a difference to the utility aspect of it. It should not be too many, nor too few. Decide on a comfortable number based on the different types of items you will be needing while stepping out. It must be easy to access these items once they are inside the bag because you don’t want to go on a hunting expedition every time you need to remove your phone or wallet from it. Hence, the design of the bag is as important as the materials used because the design is directly linked to utility and efficiency.  

Finally, choose what you are comfortable using daily. Look for colors of your choice, materials that you are ok with using, and styles that match your personality. In the end, your handbag is an expression of your personality so spend time, look, and pick one that you love. 

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