What's in Your Bag?

Handbag image
They say that a woman's bag can never have too many things and we can't agree more. Of the 10,000 things we'd like to carry along, here are just 8 absolute musts that we think should accompany us rain or shine.
1. Wallet: Cash and cards are a must and also your chance to show off your trendy wallet. A sturdy yet fashionable wallet is your best bet.
2. Keys: No, we don't want to get locked out so please ladies, don't forget your keys. Not just your house keys, but your car, cupboard, desk and everything else that requires unlocking.
3. Mobile Phone: Forgetting this can be a disaster or a bliss. But considering the times we are in, we seem to be needing it most times.
4. Face Mask: Ah! This should be on top of the list and cannot be forgotten at any cost. The pandemic is not over yet and no excuses for not wearing a ,mask. Choose your style of mask and make it a part of you.
5. Hand Sanitizer: The obvious one after the face mask. Clean your hands often and keep them germ-free. Try out various fragrances to make your hands smell yummy.
7. Sunglasses: Spring is already here and summer isn't too far away. Beat the scorching heat with a pair of cool shades.
8. Make-up: There can be a separate post on make-up essentials to carry but for now let's agree that we all need a compact, a couple of lip shades, wet wipes and a hand cream to combat dry hands (thanks to all alcohol-based sanitizers). And more the make-up we can carry, the better :)
But these are only essentials, Sigh!! If we had our way, we'd carry our world along in our bag to everywhere we go.

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