About Us

Started in January 2021, The Flaire shop makes bags with pretty fabrics, that are designed thoughtfully. Our small business has a simple objective -- designing and making bags with curated fabric that look and feel good. The Flaire Shop is an online-only brand, selling solely through this website right now.

All our bags are:

 The Flaire Shop

The Flaire Shop bags are made by local artisans highly skilled at their craft. The pattern making and designing of the bag are completely done by hand, the only tools used are pen, paper and scissors. We do not use computerised designs and templates at all.

Once the pattern for each type of bag is finalised, the fabrics are then cut manually by a team of craftsmen and only the final stitching of a bag is done on machines.
The Flaire Shop
We make just a few pieces of each bag in a particular print at a time. This is because we work with a limited amount of fabric for each print. Hence, we  cannot and do not mass produce our bags. Working with a just a handful of artisans, we believe in slow fashion, incorporating a lot of thought and time into choosing the sets of fabrics and designing a bag.
The Flaire Shop
The Flaire Shop has taken a step towards sustainability. We have said no to animal leather and only use minimal vegan leather as required. In the future, we would like to work with hand woven fabrics, fabrics derived from natural and organic sources etc.



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